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Interviews with Real Traders
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  From Contractor to Trader, With the Help of NeuroShell
      Former construction site supervisor used to work 60 plus hours a week, now lives off the income he makes from trading with the NeuroShell DayTrader Professional

  This Trader Rocks
      Former Russian Rock Star moves from musical keyboards to computer keyboards, becoming a successful trader, building models with the NeuroShell Trader.

  From Brain Scans to Trading: It’s All About the Patterns
      Currently, his original QQQQ system is showing a 36.1% annual return compared to 8.1% for buy and hold. A second QQQQ system shows a 25.5% return. His SPY system shows an 18.4% annual return compared to a buy and hold of 8.1%, and the IJR system has an annual return of 33.4% compared to 10.6% for buy and hold.

  Fish Your Way to Successful Trading
      Dr. Ted Achacoso's models have become so alluring that he is now being chased by money. Friends are offering their six-to-seven figure accounts for him to trade, and a couple of them want to put together a “small” hedge fund of eight figures.

  Standard and Poor's Andre Archambault
      Developer and genius behind Standard and Poor's extremely popular Neural Fair Value System uses neural nets made with NeuroShell.

  Professor Turned Trader is the Envy of Us All
      Since October 20, 2004 to early January 2006, his Russell 200 fund is up 283 points and his S&P fund is up 351 points over the same period. Both funds had 11 trades with only two losing trades.

  Automobile Auction Executive Takes Father's Advice to Turn Hobby into a Profession
      Dave Gresens is an executive in the automobile auction industry, which he says is a lot like buying and selling in the stock market. However, Dave gets his market inspirations from his father, who made his living as a market investor. Dave's father gave him some important advice: "Take your hobby and turn it into your profession," and that is exactly what Dave is well on his way to accomplishing.

  Hedge Fund Trader Gains Edge With Neural Nets
      Troy Buckner from NuWave Investment Corp. has fine tuned the non-conventional pattern recognition capabilities of the NeuroShell Trader to create a Pattern Recognition Program with positive returns totaling 82.6% since 1996 (including both live and simulated data; live trading began in June of 2001). The Pattern Recognition Program is one of three trading methods used in the company’s Combined Portfolio investment plan.

  Competitive Spirit Leads to Trading Success
      Rich Fordiani of California has competed at tennis to the Nationals level and set a record for sailing from San Francisco to Kauai, Hawaii. He’s now applying that competitive spirit to trading with the NeuroShell Trader.

  A Famous Trader Hooks Up With The NeuroShell DayTrader
      Marc Chaikin, an accomplished trader, is the creator of well-known indicators like the Chaikin Oscillator, Chaikin Accumulation/Distribution indicator, and the Chaikin Persistence of Money Flow indicator. He purchased the DayTrader and the first month was able to build a short term trading system better than anything else in his career.

  Chemical Engineer Turned Trader Gets As Much As 85-90% Of Trades Right
      David used to be a chemical engineer, started a brokerage firm and an export business before deciding to trade full-time. He wanted a mathematical model that provided him with more safety, so he chose the NeuroShell Trader Professional.

  The Journey from Employee to Very Successful Day-Trader
      Vince previously did yield spread trading for a firm at the CME, but now is his own boss, profiting from his skills using the NeuroShell DayTrader Professional.

  The Million-Dollar Man
      Scott McCormick's success was described in a chapter of Mark Ingebretsen's new book "The Guts & Glory of Day Trading". With the Trader, Scott's returns have been over seven figures and have never fallen below 50%.

  Midwest farmer cracks the commodity markets with neural nets.
      Bud Johnson describes himself as a poor dirt farmer from Minnesota. During the winter months when he can't work the fields, he uses the Trader to ride the market.

  Retired investment advisor trades full-time with the Trader.
      Tom retired as an investment advisor in 1994. Since then, he spends his time at his home in the Virgin Islands making money with the NeuroShell Trader.

  Firm captures 85% of the potential profit in an up market.
      Mark Behrendsen owns a company called Capital Growth Services. They manage individual client pension accounts, IRAs and savings using the NeuroShell Trader.

  Engineer crafts asset allocation models with the Trader.
      Shashi Mehrotra began his career as an engineer but is now vice president of the Legend Advisory Group which manages stock purchases for individuals. Shashi recently came in second in a national investment contest using NeuroShell Trader.

  Young trader lands job at international bank with knowledge of NeuroShell Trader.
      Sebastian Fainbraun built bond trading systems in the Trader that result in 85% winning picks and a 3 to 1 win loss ratio!

  Investment advisory firm gets 75% return with neural nets.
      George Clarke is the president of a firm that manages a private consortium portfolio. The portfolio trades are based on the neural network outputs from the NeuroShell Trader.

  The NeuroShell Trader replaces "Quants".
      Neil Thalheim has over 20 years experience managing multi-billion dollar accounts including hedge funds and pension funds. In the spring of 1998, he opened his own fund called the Thalheim Fund and replaced "Quants" with the Trader.

  User to Start Hedge Fund that Applies Trader Models
      Eric Hoyle, CFA, has done so well with the models he has created with the NeuroShell DayTrader Professional, he is starting a hedge fund using it as one of his major tools.

  Engineer in Training for his Retirement Devises DIET Method for Option Selection
      Michael Stigall is a long time user of Ward Systems Group products. Using a method he refers to as DIET, he has averaged a 240% annualized return over his 15 years of trading.

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