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NeuroShell Trader Professional
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We have been rated #1 nine years in a row!

20 Reasons to Buy NeuroShell Trader Professional

  1. You'll be using winning software - winner of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine Readers' Choice Award for artificial intelligence trading software for the last 9 years in a row.

  2. You can build complex trading rules, formulas, and indicators without writing any code - just point and click.

  3. You can backtest your trading systems automatically.

  4. You can genetically optimize trading systems for profit, minimize drawdown, etc. using large numbers of variables, unlike other optimizers. A new feature helps prevent over-fitting by selecting more general systems that work best on newer (out-of-sample) prices.

  5. You can let our neural nets or our genetic optimizer create the trading systems using your ideas

  6. You actually get live tech support from program experts who work at headquarters.

  7. You can directly send your trades to Interactive Brokers or an email account.

  8. You don't need to know anything about artificial intelligence to use the software successfully.

  9. We have never charged for technnical support, and we have a 30 day refund period. Some of our competitors charge maintenance fees, and you can't return their software if you don't like it, so beware!

  10. You can enter formulas and complex indicators by a point and click "Indicator Wizard", no programming or scripting language is required, not even for trading strategies.

  11. You can enter many variations of the same indicator all at once, each having a different permutation of parameters.

  12. One chart can contain a whole basket or portfolio of stocks (or other issues), and trading can be hedged with equal amounts long and short.

  13. If your chart contains a basket of issues, you can still insert other issues and indexes into the chart to participate in the trading strategy.

  14. Trading strategies can contain neural networks as well as rules and indicators.

  15. Our genetic algorithm optimizer can optimize rule selection, parameters of rules, indicator selection, parameters of indicators, time series selections, and stop and limit prices all at the same time.

  16. Optimizing a huge number of variables is much faster than using "brute force" optimizers that just try all combinations..

  17. The optimizer has a feature that tells you how much optimization was best, and another to hold newer data out of the optimizer for true "out-of-sample" testing.

  18. Indicators can be applied to any time series, not just the close, including indexes, other issues, and other indicators.

  19. NeuroShell can build range bars, tick bars, and volume bars from some data feeds.

  20. NeuroShell has "Datapump" and "TradePump" programmer's interfaces so you can program interfaces to your favorite data feeds and brokerages.

Advanced Neural Network Software for Financial Forecasting and Stock Prediction

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